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Bernard Romans
War, Maps, Mystery: Dutch Mapmaker Bernard Romans and the American Revolution

For six generations, family members remained rooted in the county of New London, Connecticut. These families were the early settlers and pioneers of this area. The men fought in the early Indian Wars, while women tended the home fires.  

In 1721, Voluntown, Connecticut, became incorporated. The town received its name from the volunteers that arrived in 1700 to fight the Narragansett and Pequot Wars. A Volunteer’s Grant was petitioned by Lt Thomas Leffingwell, of Norwich, and Sgt. John Frink (my 9x grandfather) of Stonington and a tract of land six miles square was granted. Soldiers were given lots and built homesteads to acknowledge their bravery and their service

From around 1700, six generations of the Gallup and Frink families lived in Voluntown, Connecticut. The first family members to live in this settlement were my 9x great grandparents, Captain John Gallup and his wife, Elizabeth Wheeler. They were some of the early settlers in that township.

On 20 Jun 1721, Captain Gallup was chosen as one of the Selectman, and his name was found in numerous town records. He helped secure land for a meeting house for the early worshippers and a church burial site. At the Presbyterian Church, this grandfather was chosen as one of the church elders. In 1726, Captain Gallup was assigned as captain for the first organized military company. 

Captain Gallup and his wife, Elizabeth had seven children that were all born in Voluntown: William (2 Sept 1710), Isaac (24 Feb 1712), Elizabeth (14 Apr 1714), Martha (3 Sep 1716), Hannah (29 Jan 1719) Dorothy (22 Mar 1721), and John (9 Jun 1724).

Elizabeth Wheeler died on 14 Apr 1735, and Captain John Gallup died on 29 Dec 1755. Both were buried in Voluntown (now Sterling). Gallup Cemetery – Sterling, Windham County, Connecticut, United States of America

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On 4 Mar 1730, Elizabeth Gallup married Zachariah Frink in Voluntown. Zachariah was born in Stonington, about 20 miles south of the township. The couple had ten children: Zachariah (10 Jan 1731), Zephaniah (29 May 1733), Uzziel (26 Jan 1735/36), Joshua (21 Mar 1738), Amos (22 Jul 1740), Mattathias (11 Feb 1743), Rachel (21 Jun 1745), Lois (3 Feb 1748), Prudence (16 Mar 1750), and Israel (25 Aug 1752).

On 21 Feb 1753, Zachariah married Abigail Kinne from Norwich, which is about eleven miles southwest of Voluntown. They had one child, Daniel (7 May 1754).

Daniel married Lydia Mulkin on 20 Dec 1770 in Voluntown. She was born in Preston City; it was located about seven miles, southwest of this community. Zachariah and Lydia had three children, Rachel (20 Dec 1772), Zachariah Frink (11 Apr1775), and Sabra (19 Dec 1782).

Zachariah Frink married Marcy Frink of Voluntown on 22 Oct 1795. Their children were Darius (16 May 1791), Elias (24 Sep 1796), Moses (10 Mar 1799), Ezra (10 Feb1801), and Daniel (14 Dec 1802). All of the children were born in Voluntown. Zachariah and Marcy moved to the western side of New York when Elias was about four years old.

Elias married Hannah Carney in Cambria, New York, about 1815. This couple had eight children, Samuel (about 1816), Marinda (1819), Annie (1820), Elias (about 1824), Walter (8 Jul 1826), Clarissa (21 Dec 1830), Herman (unknown), and Ellen (1832).

Elias Frink was the last member of my direct family to be born in Voluntown, Connecticut. 

Gallup/Frink Family Tree

Photo by Derek Story on Unsplash


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