When Stars Begin to Fall – Part Six – The Reckoning

Thinking of home, loneliness spread through him, and he longed for his family. Time away from those he loved caused him to regret his decision. More than once, the wood runner wanted to be under his own roof, with his wife and children.

5 thoughts on “When Stars Begin to Fall – Part Six – The Reckoning

  1. Also, You may recall that I’m starting an effort to pull more readers from the non-blogging world. Your full story was just in time to be my next recommendation. You’ve been so kind about sharing my work, that I am extra pleased to share your work out. It is a wonderfully well-told piece of historical fiction. I can just see how you must have been smiling as your words came together to become … Stars Beginning to Fall…

    You’ll see that I was trying to drive a larger point, but when I wanted a great sample for the arrival of new blog readers, Stars… really fit the need. I hope this sharing of your work delivers the honor I think it’s due.


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