4 thoughts on “A Rite of Passage

  1. Many women’s rights and actions were made possible by forward thinking dads who were genuinely concerned for their daughters. Lucky girl.

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  2. Excellent Ann Marie and a wonderful memory. I well recall some of these heated arguments in the 1970s. I’m a few years ahead of you but was mostly amused by the thought of all those women burning their bras. Not sure what that was supposed to prove, but it made for lots of laughs whenever the topic came up. The more I thought about it, the better i understood both sides of the issue so yes, I not only taught my sons about credit, I taught my daughter who will never take 2nd place behind a man – unless it’s her idea for some reason.. I even insisted that each of them have a checking, saving and brokerage accounts to begin learning how to manage money. To this day, I can still get myself into hot water by trying to progress the idea that gender should have no bearing on what anyone is paid for a given job. Compensation should be based on experience and skills even if it sometimes puts women at a disadvantage when they leave the work force to deliver and raise the kids. My position has dropped a few eye brows against me and I’ve discovered that few women are distractible by my asking if we can go back and finish talking about this bra burning. This may be a conversation I should just avoid.

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