Déjà Moo

In my family, the women have loved and spoiled their cows. But to be honest, what was not love? These gentle creatures have provided milk, cream, and especially love and companionship.

My mom told me stories of my grandmother’s favorite milk cow. The two formed a sweet friendship, and her pet would demand to be milked first. Even when my grandmother would try to “ignore” this bovine, her girl refused to be left out. If grandma tried to milk another cow, her baby would push her way into the front and take her milking stance, and all the while, grandma would chuckle at her pet’s sweet act of defiance.

My mom adored cows too. As a child, she and her young friend, Tommy, would play rodeo when the parents would go to town on Saturdays. The pair broke the cows to ride, and often when it was time to round up the cows, mom would hop on the back of a cow instead of saddling up a horse.

And on Saturday evenings, when her parents came home late from a day in town, mama would milk the cows, strain the milk, and rush back to the barn. As evening approached and darkness blanketed the night skies, the young girl hated being alone in the house. She would settle in with her cows and snuggle in close with her beloved pets. More than once, her parents would find their daughter asleep in the hay, curled up with her cows.

Even me, this city girl turned country girl loved her Cow Patty. From the time Patty was a calf, this pet played a vital role in the family. Patty knew she was special and would demand attention if she felt neglected. After riding my horse Bo, I would have to put a halter on my cow and take her for a walk, or she would pout and cry all night long. My big baby warmed my heart whenever she wanted to spend some extra time with her human mama.

And now, my daughter, Leslie, has longed to add cows to her farmhouse menagerie and has missed her former family cows. These creatures have been her favorite animal for as long as I can remember. Now that she has a mini-farm, she has acquired chickens and ducks, and goats and horses, but to date, not one cow. But when the timing has aligned, I know her pasture will once again find a cow or two within its borders. In the meantime, her mama provided a bovine Christmas for her girl. Some of her gifts were all about her favorite pet.

Leslie and her baby circa 2005

Well, until the cows come home, enjoy your family, and don’t forget to love on those special critters that add such a daily spark to our lives.

Cows and Christmas

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