Colorado Adventures

If you had a freeway billboard, what would it say?

Yay! The writing prompts are back!!

If I had a freeway billboard, it would offer a brief bio.

Watch out, I-25! On any given weekend, Annie, aka Honey by her family and friends, may be headin’ your way. The queen of healthy mocha lattes requires scenic mountain havens and wide open spaces. This champion procrastinator and Doxxie wrangler will crave the company of mule deer, hoarding chipmunks, and chubby little nutcrackers. She travels with a pair of spoiled furbabies that require treats, endless walks, and lots of cuddles. She will drive Ruby, her faithful HHR (Honey’s Hot Ride). If you see this weekend explorer, remind her that she has lesson plans to create and endless papers to grade. If she grumbles, advise her that her pups have become accustomed to a particular lifestyle, and she needs this job to maintain their pampered way of life.

Photo credits

Photo by Eugene Krasnaok on Unsplash

Photo by Matthieu Pétiard on Unsplash

Photo by Jason Studley on Unsplash

Photo by Zentji on Wikipedia Commons

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