Often the two would fall asleep together in the yard hammock under a blanket of stars

Chloe quickly packed her bag with her papers to grade, grabbed her coffee mug and car keys, and raced out of her classroom. As the teacher left her room, she smiled at the lingering students and staff members in the hallways. The young woman couldn’t wait to get home, for she knew he would be waiting for her, and she couldn’t wait to see his smiling face and dark eyes. With just a glance, he let her know every day that she was his world. She sighed, content in the knowledge that he loved her.

Since it was a warm day, she decided to open the sunroof and windows. The spring air warmed her skin. On her drive home, she smiled as she passed the hiking trails they often walked. They both loved the outdoors, the vast expanse of prairie with its wildlife and mountain views to the south. In the evenings, they enjoyed lounging on the patio and watching the sunset behind the mountains. The Bristlecone pine scented the air, and orioles and sparrows would often serenade the two. On warm nights, they would often stay up late to watch the first stars shimmer as the skies began to darken and barn owls called in the distance. Often the two would fall asleep together in the yard hammock under a blanket of stars. Happily, she sighed. Life was perfect.

As she pulled into her driveway, she decided today would be a great day to walk the trails, and she knew he would not have any reservations about this idea. So she hopped from her car and grabbed her bag and mug. He greeted her at the door with a kiss. She dropped her bag and cup on the counter and turned to grab the leash before the happy duo headed for their favorite trail, another perfect day for the little family.

Flash fiction writing prompt:
Write about non-romantic love

Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Together

  1. Hi, I saw your Burson/Plaster connection. I am too! Several years ago I was able to visit 2 of their homes in Unison, as well as the gravesites. My distant great-grandmother Torreyson (I’d have to look at the family for how far back) lived with her daughter Lydia and Dr Hoge in Butterland house. The Torreyson side were blacksmiths there. All buried behind the church. I have several pictures of the entire family from way back if you’d like any.

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