My Favorite Teacher

As a child, my mother would read to me every day. Books were an essential part of my life from an early age, and Mama laid the foundation for my love of books. When I was about three years old, she started teaching me the alphabet, and I began writing those letters. By the time I was four years old, I was reading books independently.

One fun activity I enjoyed was our treasure hunts. It taught me some of my sight words. Go, to and the. Then my mother would draw objects from around the house with the word printed under her creations. My vocabulary grew as I learned the words: lamp, couch, mailbox, and so many more. Once I completed my activity, I would find a treat or barrette or hair ribbon for my treasure.

She taught me how to read with the Dick and Jane primer series as my vocabulary grew. I was so excited to show my dad that I could read Fun with Dick and Jane. As I progressed, so did my library. She always made sure that I had plenty of books to read. Some of my favorite childhood series included the Dr. Seuss books, Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys.

Looking back at that time, I fondly remember a busy mother taking time to ensure I had a good start on my educational journey. Without a doubt, my favorite teacher made learning exciting.  ‘

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10 thoughts on “My Favorite Teacher

      1. I’m doing Great!
        Luv your stuff! Hope all is well from you. You found my brother’s missing link
        about our great, Hebert’.Our Mother’s side of the family.
        My father’s side Beshore was from Germany and my brother David G. Beshore knew about my father’s side but not the Hebert side. Because of you he found the link from our father and mother. Let me know someday when we can meet. I live in Lee’s Summit Missouri. My family is from Independence, MO. I moved back to Lee’s Summit to my husband’s house just 5 miles from Independence, Missouri where I grew up. Let m e know if you ever have another reunion, I’d love to fly up to meet you!
        Karen Beshore Benson Hill and my mother was Betty Elizabeth Jane Hebert.
        My brother David G Beshore has been writing our family history but I found your site and found our Mother’s side within weeks.
        Hugs and kisses.
        Karen Beshore Benson Hill living in Missouri just 20 miles E of Kan
        sas City Missouri

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      2. I love researching and writing. I am glad that the Hebert mystery was solved. Unfortunately, I really do not know of any reunions. Not too many families have them anymore. Tell David to keep plugging away. I put my research and writing on hold for a time but hopefully I will stay focused this year.

        My dad’s family is from Michigan, and my mom’s family is from Colorado. My family lived in the bay area in California for many years. I moved back to Colorado after high school. I love this area.

        Currently, I am teaching, but plan on retiring in three years. My daughter and her family live nearby, so I spoil grandkids when I can. That’s always a plus! lol
        Stay in touch Cuz – hugs back – Annie


      3. My husband and I live in Lee’s Summit Missouri and I grew up in Independence Missouri where President Harry Trump lived and its just 5 miles away and my husband’s company is there.
        He just turned 88 and I’ve known him for 47 years but we were separated for 36 yrs and remarried last year.
        Ron has a timeshare in Breckenridge Colorado.
        We go there every once in a while. Maybe I’ll look you up.
        Take care.


  1. I am not far from Breckinridge; it is one of my favorite mountain towns. We could meet up for lunch. Wow! What an amazing tale of love! That would never happen with my ex…lol. If you have time on your trip to Colorado, let me know. It would be fun to meet mu cousin.


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