Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen-Thrills and Chills

Let us be foolish, then, because if we can save even one life, we are the best of fools.

Chaya Lindner

So. have you ever been so engrossed in a book that you stayed up until dawn began its morning glow? Well, Resistance is that book! And thank goodness for coffee! That day, I gulped down coffee to stay focused in my middle school classroom! And, of course, my students laughed at me when they discovered the truth about my teaching slump that day! Talk about a book endorsement!

Recently, I read the book Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen. As a middle school teacher, I wanted to find a book on historical fiction about the Holocaust. This book did not disappoint! I have included this book in my classroom library, for it is an excellent addition to teaching my unit on the Holocaust.

Jennifer A. Nielsen, a noteworthy writer, grew up in Northern Utah. She began her writing journey while in elementary school. Over the years, her love of writing grew into a career. To date, her books have been translated into over 21 languages. 

She focused on young adult novels with her books, but I must maintain that this teacher was riveted and glued to her seat as she read this novel. Her characters came alive. I could not put down this action-packed book, for I wanted to find out what happened next to the protagonist, Chaya Lindner, a courier for a Jewish Resistance group known as Akiva. Throughout the story, I quietly cheered her on as she made her daring entries and escapes in the ravaged Polish ghettos during WW2.

RESISTANCE by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Jennifer wove a tale of historical fiction about the Holocaust. It was set in Poland before the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. It included historical figures from the actual resistance movement. The characters were believable and well-rounded. Their stories added perspective to the historical tragedy and fighting spirit of the Jewish people who lived through the Holocaust.

The research and accuracy of this time were reflected throughout her story. Her attention to detail surfaced throughout her novel. Her depiction of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising kept me on edge as this nailbiter heaped on the action. I would recommend this book to teens and adults alike. It always jolted and astounded with its thrilling escapades and adventures. Moreover, readers will be encouraged by Chaya’s strength, courage, and determination to help her people.

Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen | Scholastic Fall 2018 Online Preview

4 thoughts on “Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen-Thrills and Chills

      1. It was a wonderful read. I’d planned on getting some needed sleep on our late flight home from Chicago, but got stuck in one of those just one more chapter cycles that took most of the flight ✈️ and left me suddenly looking at the end notes.
        All signs of a great read !
        Thanks for depriving me of that sleep.
        I started work yesterday on less than 4 hours of sleep in our own bed, but still enjoying the thoughts of this story distracting me most of yesterday.
        Near the end, I knew that Esther’s package was not something she carried but was something she knew but could not work out what it would be. This part of the story was both shocking and riveting.
        As a YA novel I worried how deep the author would go with Esther’s capture & torture because in any real example from the time. A young girl would have certainly been raped along with her other injuries but this detail was kindly left out without injuring the fact that the Nazis were horribly abusive by design.
        I’ll likely check out some of her other work too.
        Thanks for pointing me to a great read.


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