Lazy Bones

Burrowed beneath the many layers of blankets, the pair sleeps. The frosty morning surrounds the room, and a chill lingers. Earlier, one braved the cold for a fire in the woodstove pops and crackles, and the aroma of brewing coffee fills the morning air. As footsteps approach the room, a nose peeks from under the covers and then another. Mama laughs and calls, “Wake up, you two lazy bones.”

The two shake off the covers in anticipation. They know Mama has brought them breakfast in bed. Mitzi yawns, and Max smiles. Always the gentleman, Max waits for his sister to be served first. After a long slumber, the starved siblings gulp down their morning treat. After eating, Mitzi quickly scrambles beneath the covers once more. Max follows, but first, he gives his Mama a quick kiss on the cheek.

Laughing, the woman never imagined she would one day be waiting on two spoiled babies while serving them breakfast in bed. “Oh, the life of a Doxie mom,” she tells herself. But, of course, no one listens to her declaration. Her furbabies are already dreaming about chasing rabbits and wondering what mama will serve for lunch.

Writing Prompt:

For today’s prompt, write about a lazy weekend morning. Maybe it’s one that stays lazy or one that gets interrupted by something surprising.

Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

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