“What do you say about the accusations presented against you on this day?” The court’s officer asked Rachel.

Rachel stood and looked around the court. In the front rows, her parents looked at their child, and Rachel witnessed the pain and fear in their eyes. Levi sat smugly with his arms crossed and sneered at her. When she glanced at him, their eyes met for one brief moment. Still, his countenance and smirk changed to a look of trepidation and horror. He dropped his head, afraid to look at the woman he had accused of witchcraft.

Rachel’s tangled mass of black hair had not been brushed for days. Her dress was torn and dirty, and the young girl looked tired after spending days in the town’s jail. But even in this state, her beauty touched those in attendance.  

Taking a deep breath and smiling at her parents, Rachel addressed the court. “Most of you have known me since I was a small child when my parents, Samuel, and Prudence Edmonds, took me into their home and loved me as if I were their own child. I grew up in a home that taught me right from wrong, a home that taught me about God and his infinite wisdom and love for mankind. My parent’s taught me to care about my neighbors and friends. Often some of you even came to me when you needed a tincture or tea when a loved one was ill or suffering from some condition. I delivered your children and tended to the sick. I never caused harm to anyone.”

The crowd began to murmur. Some grumbled and mocked Rachel’s confession, but the majority stood, talking at once of her virtues and her kindness. They explained when someone in the village needed her help, Rachel rushed to their side.

“Silence!” The court’s officer bellowed, then turned to Rachel and said, “Continue.”

“The only thing I am guilty of is loving Levi Andrews. I believed his lies when he told me he loved me and wanted me as his wife. On the day I discovered his treachery, I was injured, too, when the storm appeared. When I saw him with another woman and heard him tell her the same words he once whispered to me, my heart crumbled into a thousand pieces. I stand before you today without trickery and tell you I did not harm Levi. How could I create a storm? But I will tell you what Levi has done to me. He took my virtue, and he took my love, and he has caused my family and me to drown in the sorrow of his lies.”  

She hung her head before she continued. “I believe that man cast a spell on me! I believed him when he told me he loved me. I allowed him to have his way with me, and now, I carry his child!”

People gasped, and an uproar filled the courtroom. She glanced at Levi, and fear filled his eyes. He tried to explain, but young girls around the courtroom stood and pointed fingers at him. Then, one by one, the girls spoke of his deception, and one by one, the girls repeated Rachel’s words, “He cast a spell over me.”

Rachel looked at her parents, and relief filled their eyes. The tide had turned for the child they loved. As the discourse and disputes erupted in the courtroom, people glanced at the man that had started this mockery. In an instant, everyone in the courtroom knew that no woman would be executed that day.

Writing Prompt:

For this last prompt, write based on the line “I wish I could tell you…” If you feel so inclined, you can title your piece based on who your character is speaking to

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

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