2 thoughts on “The Last of the Mohicans

  1. The movies I have watched multiple times: original “True Grit”. The 1993 classic Western “Tombstone”. Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 hit, Pulp Fiction”. I also enjoyed Tarantino’s 2019 release, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. I love the old John Wayne Movies like “The Quiet Man” where he teamed up with the beautiful Maureen O’Hara. The Duke and Maureen teamed up again in “Big Jake”. Another great JW film is “The Cowboys”. The original “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis is another favorite. I must mention the great film, “The Godfather” and then the later Godfather2 and 3.
    Television shows: The Sopranos, Rich Man Poor Man, Seinfeld, Get Smart, Mayberry RFD/The Andy Griffith Show and of late Yellowstone.

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