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What is your career plan?

At this stage in my life, I am viewing my retirement plan. Currently, I have 24 years into teaching. One more year, and I will make the big 25-year mark, which is quite an accomplishment since I am a late bloomer. I graduated from college the same year my daughter graduated from high school.

With all the changes in teaching, I don’t know how many more years I plan to teach. One goal was to have my house paid off before I left this profession, and I will have it paid off next year. Although I have had many changes, including three curriculum changes in three years, I still enjoy my career.

Next year, I will teach reading and writing again, and I am currently working on a unit plan for the introduction to speech. My lesson plans for this unit will be fun, and I hope to make this an easy task for my eighth graders. Unfortunately, public speaking in middle school can often traumatize some students.

I enjoy the planning stage and tweaking my lessons after instruction, especially after teaching something new and different. At times, I feel like a new teacher again since I thought I would finish my teaching career in humanities. Once I made that change, I gave away most of my writing, reading, and grammar books. However, with the teacher shortage and changes in the district building, I was told I had to go back to language arts. So in some ways, I am starting over again, but it’s okay; change is a good thing. And again, I really enjoy planning and designing my lessons.

The strange thing this year is that I am taking my last professional development class, except for those mandated through the district at the beginning of the year. I have hit the wall, and I have moved up as high as I can go. It’s somewhat bittersweet, for I enjoyed most of my classes. In the next few days, I will write my last paper for this course. The book for this class is called Because of a Teacher, and it tugged at the heartstrings. This was the perfect course for my last class.

So, will I retire in a year? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on how this gramma fares, and so far, I am still having fun working with my students. They keep me young and make me smile. Plus, I get paid to read and write! Two of my favorite things!

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7 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Good for hanging in there! The teacher shortage is very sad but understandable in terms of politics, Covid, and Zoom classes at home.

    As for teaching speech, my best trick on the very first day was to ask each student come to the front of the class and tell their classmates about their most embarrassing moment. One at a time they do so, and trust me, listening to their embarrassments is a class team builder. Everyone has a story, and sharing the stories level the playing field. Giving a speech can’t be any worse than the stories that the class has shared.


      1. 301 South Second Street, Westcliffe 719-783-2697. Would love to visit. We have a second house in Blende, so it is best to call or e-mail to see if I’m at-home. Daily Prompts! There’s no stopping you. Doris

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