Simon Brad street and Anne Dudley Bradstreet

Although her exact resting place is uncertain, most historians believe that Anne Bradstreet was buried at the Old Burying Ground on Academy Road in North Andover, Massachusetts.  In 2000, on the 350 year anniversary of her first publication of poetry, The North Andover Historical Society placed a marker in this cemetery to honor America’s first female poet.  The memorial stone was created to blend with other tombstones of that era.  The inscription includes the words from her eulogy given by Reverend John Norton in 1672, and it reads, “Mirror of Her Age, Glory of her Sex, whose Heaven-born-Soul leaving its earthly Shrine, chose its native home, and was take to its Rest.”

Simon Bradstreet died  about twenty-five years after his wife at the age of ninety-four.  Once the colonial governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, he was buried at the The Old Burying Point Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts.  Strangely, his family sold the tomb, and Simon’s remains were deposed of and buried elsewhere in the cemetery.  All that remains is a cenotaph that memorializes his life and memory.