Dudley Bradstreet and Ann Wood

Dudley Bradstreet and Ann Wood

8th Great Uncle and his wife

Dudley Bradstreet (1648–1702)

Birth 1648 of Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

Death 13 NOV 1702 Andover, Massachusetts


Simon Bradstreet (1603–1697)

Birth 18 MAR 1603 Horbling, Lincolnshire, England

Death 27 MAR 1697 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Anne Dudley (1612–1672)

Birth 20 MAR 1612 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England

Death 16 SEP 1672 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Anne Wood (1647–1707)

Birth Jul 1647 England

Christening 16 Jul 1647 St Olave, Bermondsey Southwark, Surrey, England

Death 1707 Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States of America


Richard Wood (1620–1700)

Birth 1620 Norwich, Norfolk, England

Death 1700 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Ann Priddeth (1625–1684)

Birth 1625 Norwich, Norfolk, England

Death 26 JUL 1684 Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts, United States


12 Nov 1673

Salem, Massachusetts


Family History:

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Dudley Bradstreet (1648–1702)

Anne Wood (1647–1707)

Old North Parish Burying Ground – North Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

Birth: 1647
Death: Nov. 13, 1706
Essex County
Massachusetts, USA

ROYAL FAMILIES Americans of Royal and Noble Ancestry, Volume One, Governor Thomas Dudley, and Descendants Through Five Generations, by Marston Watson, second edition, page 2234. COL. DUDLEY BRADSTREET, ESQ. (Anne DUDLEY, Thomas); b. 1648 Cambridge.; m. Ann WOOD 12 Nov. 1673 Andover; d. 13 Nov. 1702 Andover, Mass. [intestate]. He was an esquire, colonel in the militia, selectman, town clerk, schoolteacher and for many years a magistrate. He opposed the witchcraft delusion. His mother’s verse was: “My fifth, whose down is yet scarce gone, Is ‘mongst the shrubs and bushes flown. My other three still with me. nest, Until thery’re grown, the, as the rest, Or here or there they’ll take their fight, As is ordained, so shall they light.”
ANN WOOD; b. ca 1653 Andover, Mass. She was the daughter of Ricahrd and Ann (Priddeth) WOOD of Barbados, who m. 2nd Thomas JONES in Barbados. Their daughter Ann m. 1st Theodore PRICE 1 Aug. 1667 at Salem , son of Capt. Walter PRICE of Salem. Her daughter was Elizabeth Price and her son-in-law was Rev Thomas Barnard (Find A Grave Memorial# 8297724). he along with Col. Dudley Bradstreet were among the 23 signers of a petition to end Salem Witchcraft trials.Children of Col. Dudley BRADSTREET, Esq. And Ann WOOD all b. Andover:

176. i. Rev. Dudley BRADSTREET, b. 27 Apr 1678; m. Mary WAINWRIGHT.

177. ii. Margaret BRADSTREET, b. 18 Feb 1679/80; m. Job TYLER

178. iii. Anne BRADSTREET; b. 5 Nov 1681; d. 12 Nov 1681 Andover, Mass.


Family Tree

Dudley Bradstreet (1648 – 1702) and Anne Dudley (1612–1672)
8th great-uncle and his wife
Simon Bradstreet (1603 – 1697)
father of Dudley Bradstreet
John Bradstreet (1652 – 1718)
son of Simon Bradstreet
Mercy Bradstreet (1689 – 1725)
daughter of John Bradstreet
John Hazen (1710 – 1754)
son of Mercy Bradstreet
Eunice Hazen (1753 – 1817)
daughter of John Hazen
Jacob Reeder (1782 – 1848)
son of Eunice Hazen
John W Reeder (1809 – 1860)
son of Jacob Reeder
Gaylord Hampton Reeder (1842 – 1918)
son of John W Reeder
Wilson Gaylord Reeder (1885 – 1964)
son of Gaylord Hampton Reeder
Harold LeRoy Reeder (1932 – 2004)
son of Wilson Gaylord Reeder
Ann Marie Bryant Reeder
child of Harold LeRoy Reeder




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