B Movies

No green

Little time

Strange ilks

No design

Cult special

Budget fare

Zombie Frenzy

Western wear

Sci-Fi villains

Crime time woes

Godzilla mayhem

Intruder foes

Killer Tomatoes

Grizzly Bears

Monster Closets

Nighttime prayers

Monsters Crash

Pajama Party

Collateral damage

Never a smarty

Oh, would you not really agree?

One never knows when to actually flee!

Poetry Prompt:

For today’s prompt, write a B-movie poem.

Photo by Jose Francisco Morales on Unsplash


Believe in the actions –

The showing of affection.

Do not rely on misleading assurances –

Or false promises –

Of foolish declarations –

For words often deceive.

Wait for the unearthing –

The simple parading –

The brandishing of who you are –

And what you signify. 

Reminders of your worth –

A simple thinking of you –

With each call or message –

A steady hand that guides –

Through struggles and discord.

A morning smile that –

Offers liberation and grace.

A simple embrace that proclaims

I will never let you go.

Unspoken actions that

Reveal a tender twining of

Two souls joined in

A thriving symmetry of 

Admiration and reverence.

Poetry Prompt:

For today’s prompt, write a foolish poem. The poem could be about a fool, about being fooled, about fooling someone, or whatever other foolish direction you wish to take it. 

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash