Motherhood — All for Family

“How dare he! Marvayle at my weaknesse, does he?” She fumed once she fled to the safety of her room. “Men call it a weaknesse when a woman uses common sense to measure what is best for a family.”

Amidst rolling hills, Dorset, England appeared to be a tranquil village in the middle years of the seventeenth century. Sheep grazed on green landscapes, and fields of flax and hemp blew softly along the countryside. Fisherman journeyed to open waters along the Dorset Coast, looking for a day’s catch of cod. Shipbuilders created vessels to use on the open seas. Around the village, production took place as crafters made rope and cloth. Still, uncertainty bubbled about this small community. As religious arguments emerged between churchgoers, villagers longed to escape religious doctrine. Others desired new lands as the hamlet’s population increased, and as crops failed, for now, work was hard to find. Continue reading “Motherhood — All for Family”

Early American Settler: Captain John Gallup

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Captain John Gallup (1620-1675)

11x Great Grandfather

On January 25, 1620, John Gallup was born at Bridport, Dorset, England to John Gallup I and Christobel Brushett.  The infant was baptized at St. Mary’s Church (the Church of England) in MosterneContinue reading “Early American Settler: Captain John Gallup”