And Then There was a Little Punkin

Today is my lovely daughter’s 35th birthday.  How did that happen?  Time flies that’s for sure.  Still, I have had 35 amazing years watching my daughter grow into a remarkable woman.  Continue reading “And Then There was a Little Punkin”

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers

Even today, I envy my mom’s childhood, for her stories about life in Hotchkiss, Colorado sounded like something straight out of a western movie.  During the 1940’s, my grandparents, my mama, Aunt Jan, and my Aunt Barbara lived in a log cabin on their ranch out on Allen’s Mesa; the locals called it that since so many of the Allen family lived in the area.   Mama would tell us how in the evenings the family would sit in the living room and listen to the radio, and I can still hear her laugh as she explained it was like watching TV without the picture. The girls were expected to be quiet as the family would listen to their favorite stories.  Continue reading “Dale Evans and Roy Rogers”

My Cowboy Grandpa: Tom Allen


My grandfather died when I was fourteen years old.  My family was living in Alameda, California at the time, a long way from Colorado, the place my grandpa called home.  As always, I miss my ornery cowboy grandpa. Continue reading “My Cowboy Grandpa: Tom Allen”

Grandma, Tell me a Story!

pictures-les-aaaron-and-crew-2015Whenever my family would spend time with my grandparents, the gatherings always ended with someone asking, “Grandma, tell me a story.”  These wonderful tales included accounts of covered wagons heading west and real cowboys and cowgirls living on ranches on the western slope of Colorado.  We heard narratives about life on a ranch, sheep camps, and family helping family.  Although the family no longer lived in that beautiful state at that time, as children we believed it had to be the most magical place to live!  Continue reading “Grandma, Tell me a Story!”