The Gift of the Magpie

5Although it was early that summer morning, the rising temperatures suggested that the day would be another hot one on the dusty mesa. Across the meadow, sheep quietly grazed in the pasture. Lambs jumped and hopped and impishly butted each other; their playful cries broke the stillness of the morning. Since the cows had been milked, they contently grazed in the pasture with the sheep. The glow of the morning sun cast a soft light along the peak of Mount Lamborn. The morning landscape created a serene view of the North Fork Valley. Continue reading “The Gift of the Magpie”

Childhood Memories

KTC has once again opened up her trove of stories and has graciously shared them with her readers.  “Wealthy Beyond Measure” will tug at your heart and allude to our own fond recollections when life was just a little slower, and remind us that those childhood days created memories that will never fade with time. Continue reading “Childhood Memories”