The Legacy of Susan B. Anthony

Teacher. Abolitionist. Educational Reformer. Labor Organizer. Suffragist. Women’s Rights Pioneer. Temperance Worker. Civil Rights Leader. Author.


One of the most influential female advocates for Civil Rights was Susan B. Anthony.  Through her tireless efforts, she championed for social justice, women’s rights, and the emancipation of slaves. This remarkable woman left a lasting legacy as a heroine for justice for all people of this nation, and her historical accounts have continued to inspire people in our country.

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Funny Family Tales

What hilarious escapades took place at home when you were a child?  Or what comedy of errors did an ancestor fashion?  Or perhaps you have a favorite tale of your own to share with your children.  Upload your stories here and share your tales with us! Continue reading “Funny Family Tales”

The Giant Inner Tube Adventure

Some ideas are like trails of standing dominoes; once you knock the first into action, they can quickly turn into a series of unintended consequences that are impossible to stop. This is the story of once such idea. Hold on! This is quite a ride…

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