Sweet Moments ~ Jaxon and Santa


Too often life becomes hectic, and we forget to slow down and enjoy sweet moments along the way, especially at this time of the year.  As a gramma, I have started this blog to preserve our family tree.  But suddenly it occurred to me that I also need to capture and record our little stories that brighten our day. So here I go…one of my many special moments with my youngest grandson, Jaxon.

Barely a month ago, my daughter and her family moved to a new house in the same town. It was time; they had outgrown the house even before she moved in, but that’s another story.  With seven children, the three bedroom and one bath home wasn’t quite large enough.  Although warm and cozy, it was time to move.

About a week ago, I was talking to my daughter on the phone.  We live several hours away, so we visit on the phone when we can.  In the middle of our conversation, Jaxon wanted to talk to Honey too. (Yes, my babies call me Honey.  Love it, and yes another story).

We had the sweetest conversation.

Me: So what have you been up to?
Jaxon: I’ve been busy. We moved to our new house, and I have had to help dad cut wood.
Me: Really? Wow…that’s a lot of work
Jaxon: Yeah, and I fell and hurt my butt….oh no!
Me: What’s wrong?
Jaxon: Santa won’t know where our new house is!
Me: No worries…Honey already called him and let him know that you moved.
Jaxon: You did? Thank you Honey…Hey Honey told Santa where we live…Honey..I gotta go…

And with that my happy little guy runs off, shouting to all that Santa knows where they live!

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