Out of Nowhere

As a child, I loved to hear the stories about my mom’s childhood.   Her exciting tales often made me laugh while some made me wonder how she survived childhood at all. She truly must have had wild angels watching over her, and my mama must have possessed just a wee bit of Irish luck. Still, one story she told made me shudder every time she told it.

At a young age, my mama, began helping with the chores on her parent’s ranch in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Since her older sister, Barbara, had allergies, mom helped with the outside work. One of her chores was to care for the cows. She would milk them in the morning, take them to the pasture to graze, and then round them up again, so she and my grandma could milk again in the evening.

This routine was something she did everyday. One evening after milking the cows, she was carrying the milk pails back to the house. The skies started to darken as a storm rolled into the valley. As she was carrying the buckets, lightning struck and hit one of the metal containers. It knocked her unconscious.

Eugene Triguba

Later when she began to wake up from her unconscious state, she stated she couldn’t remember what had happened to her. Her parents had to explain to her that she had been hit by lightning. She did have a burn on her hand from where she had grasped the metal pail. And from that day on, she tended to have dark circles under her eyes too.

What were her odds of being struck by lightning? 1 in 960,000. And of course, it found its way to my mama! And I truly believe Someone was watching over that little girl that day, and I am forever thankful!


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