Favorite Family Photos

I love this week’s challenge of a favorite photo.  Still, I will not be able to limit myself to just one.  Every once in awhile, I am going to have to just add pictures and include their stories.

Top:  Cameron (11), Mathew (13); Middle: Sierra (10), Leslie, Aaron, Connor (4);  Front: Jaxon (7 mos)m Kylie (7), and Jessica (9)

My Crazy Kids

This photo of my daughter, Leslie and her husband Aaron, along with all the grand babies will always be one of my favorite photos. It was taken during Pioneer Day Weekend, September 2013 in Florence, Colorado. A family friend, Phyllis Ibarra, took this old fashioned picture. This picture always makes me smile, for I love all the different scenes going on within this one shot and how Phyllis captured each one.

Leslie and Mickey

Throughout Leslie’s childhood, she just loved Mickey Mouse.  It was fun to witness my teenager go bananas when she was able to see him at Disneyworld.   This photo was taken in January, 1997.

Mathew and Honey, December 19, 1999 ~ Evans Hospital ~ Fort Carson, Colorado

Holding Mathew for the first time was such an emotional moment for me.  My love for that little one rushed in as a flood.  Becoming a grandmother was such a life changing milestone.  Love this photo of the two of us!

Leslie Marie ~ Senior Pictures ~ 1999 ~ Nature Center, Pueblo, Colorado

Mathew ~ Fall 2000

Mathew about five months old at great grandma’s house in Canon City, Colorado.  He was crawling across grammie’s bridge.

The Diva

My little Taz, Sierra, playing dress up.  The family was living at Fort Bragg, North Carolina at the time.  This picture was taken in the summer of 2006.

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