Birthday Surprises…even in May

Why is an ice cube so smart?

Since my life as a school teacher has usually kept me hopping, I have tried to remember to slow down and enjoy all the precious moments that make each day special.   Today was one of those days that I want to remember because my students went out of their way to make my day something memorable.

My fourth hour class has been a magical combination of wonderful students that just all work well together. They have really cared for one another.  Since it has been a smaller class, we have had a fun year getting to know one another. A few weeks ago, the class asked if we could have lunch together, so we went to the cafeteria grabbed our pizza and salads and headed back to the class and just had fun hanging out.

On another occasion, while I was working with a group of students from another class, my little ones surprised with a treasure hunt. At the end of my hunt, I found a basket full of little gifts and treats.

Today they threw a surprise birthday party for me! It truly was a surprise since my birthday is in July! But they said they wanted to spend my birthday with me, so they had the party today. One little one baked a cake, and he and his little sister who helped make my sweet treat, had to do extra chores to earn the money to make my cake. He knew chocolate was my favorite, but he wanted to make it extra special, so the frosting was peanut butter with chocolate shavings that he created himself. Another brought cupcakes. Students made homemade birthday cards and sang Happy Birthday. It was a day that really touched my heart and provided sweet memories. Oh, and I even had one student provide a comedy act. So why is an ice cube so smart? Because it has up to 32 degrees…….

Photo Courtesy of Rich Helmer @Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Birthday Surprises…even in May

      1. First day of kindergarten my Ella came home and said she didn’t think she was gonna like this as no time for rest. Two days later she asked her father if she could have an I Phone and have a Facebook page. She learned a lot in school quickly.

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