Naughty Scrabble

He finally left the room while mumbling something about “we shouldn’t be left unsupervised.”

When I was younger, my mom and I loved to play board games, and that was one family tradition that never changed. Often, when I visited my mom, we would play scrabble, one of her all-time favorites. Sometimes, she liked to change the rules a bit, and we would play scrabble, but she would add a theme.

One afternoon, we were playing, and after we finished, she asked if we should add a theme. Of course, I agreed. In all honesty, I can’t remember who suggested the topic, but we ended up playing “naughty scrabble.” It was the best subject to date.  Scattered across the table, the words, penis, sex, and erotic sprawled indecently across the board.

We were sitting at her kitchen table when my brother, Keith walked into the kitchen. Mom and I glanced at each other and started nervously giggling. He gave us a strange look, and we laughed like mischievous teenagers that just got caught smoking in the girl’s room. That piqued his interest, so he backed up to glance at our board. He did a double take, and he raised his eyebrows. He opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn’t find the right words. He finally left the room while mumbling something about “we shouldn’t be left unsupervised.”  Poor guy, I guess I should have sympathized, He probably required therapy after that particular encounter.

But Mom and I just giggled again and returned to our wicked gamed of Scrabble. Oh, that woman, how I miss her! What I wouldn’t give to play just one more game of Scrabble, and yes, even the naughty version!


6 thoughts on “Naughty Scrabble

  1. At competition tournaments there are often fun spot prizes to be won. In one tournament round, a player with the highest word score for a ‘naughty word’ was eligible to win a spot prize. The important thing is having a laugh.

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