April Themes

Come join in the fun and share your family stories.  Do not forget to add your story to the comments section.

Tales of my FamilyApril Themes copy

Week 14 ( April 1-7) ~ Traditions

  • Write about a family tradition

Week 15 (April 8-14) ~ Hero

  • Who is a hero in your family?

Week 16 (April 15-21) ~ Tombstones

  • Describe a family tombstone.
  • Does a family memeber have an unusual tombstone?
  • Does it have unique pictures or symbols?
  • Is there a story behind it?

Week 17 (April 22-28) ~ One Busy Gal

  • Describe a busy woman in your life
  • Did you have a hard working female ancestor?
  • Did one of your grandmothers balk against societal norms?

Week 18 (April 19 – March 5) ~ Founder

  • Did a family memeber help start a town?
  • Does your hometown have a memorable founder?



Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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