May Themes

Begin another month of writing adventures!   Come share your family tales!1Week 19 (May 6-12) ~ Famous

  • Do you have a famous relative in your family tree?
  • Or do you have a famous family legend?

Week 20 (May 13-19) ~ Scoundrel

Battling the Blues

Week 21 (May 20-26) ~ Secret

  • Tell a secret ~ It could be a family secret.  A secret shared with a sibling from childhood…the list is endless!

Week 22 (May 27-June 2) ~ Military

  • This week choose a family who served and share their story.

7 thoughts on “May Themes

  1. Hello Ann Marie.

    I’ve been distracted lately, but do have a story I’d like to share for your “Famous” theme. The only problem is that I’m reluctant to tell anyone who the famous person was.

    He was a famous personal injury attorney, and acquired the title of; “The King of Torts”.
    I don’t know how his surviving office would take to how his name was used in this account, so I’ll just leave it to you to decide if this fun story fits your needs. I’ll even offer your readers an extra hint, this attorney was so well known that he was offered a big cameo role in the original Star Trek series as the evil alien in one famous episode.

    You can review the story and share this link if you agree your readers would enjoy my mom’s Insurance Company Adventure.

    I hope only enjoyment results.

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    1. OMGoodness! No Way! Your mom is my hero!!! I love her! And Yes…I want to run this!!! Your story is amazing!!!!! So, Mr MB…

      Yes I am going to add yours..I have to put one in front of yours….this is wonderful.

      I like the cloak and dagger…and the mystery….it adds to the charm of your story.

      I have been distracted too…I have been sick since December…I keep getting whatever’s going around…I am finally on the mend, but I am behind at work, behind on my blog…behind on my life….lol…

      Thank you for you addition!


      1. Hi Ann Marie. You are always so kind with your feedback – so thank you so much for that. I was sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. I too have been fighting off a situation, but mine has since resolved to a date with a spine surgeon. So the bad news is that I need lower back surgery, but the good news (of a sort) is that I will need to be off work for about 3 months. This is kinda shocking to me because I’ve never been off work like this for medical reasons so – does a new adventure await? Perhaps I’ll be able to sit long enough to get some of the other stories done that I’ve been knocking about in my head. I’m so pleased that you enjoy my stories and your feedback encourages me to keep at them. I hope your own recovery is both quick and complete. I’ve missed your posts and it is such an honor when you find one of my items suitable for sharing. Blessing to you. Get better quickly please.


  2. So sorry to hear that you will have to endure back surgery, but I like your outlook about a new adventure. Honestly, writing has helped me through my back woes. Years ago when I first had to start bed rest regiments, I discovered that I could type on my laptop while lying flat on my back. Doing research kept me sane. At times, when the pain was intense, writing kept me mind off the situation.

    As always, I look forward to reading more stories. Please take care, and I pray for a full recovery for your back problems. Take care my friend….and blessings to you too.


  3. Hi Ann Marie,
    I’m so excited to have found your blog. Henry Kinne is my 8th great-grandfather (on my mother’s side). I had no idea about his connection to the Salem Witch Trials. Such a disturbing discovery, but it’s important to see both the good and the bad aspects of the family tree.

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