Mountain Home

Sweet mountain hamlet

restores and calms—

Peaceful encounters hearten

a place within my soul.

Mountain breezes enliven

Chickadees chant

a Mourning Dove

calls for her beloved


Sweet Cottage beckon

Welcome home the weary

Warmth embraces as

The hearth flames

invite and rest awaits




Note:  I found this sweet mountain cottage on a fall road trip.  Clouds rolled in that day before snow began to fall.  The little town had a few visitors as I wandered down the street.  From a short distance, a cottage caught my eye. The red peaks and siding and the blue roof made my heart skip a beat.  The white picket fence and inviting porch made me dream of lazy summer days.  I loved the white gingerbread of this little charmer.  Oh yes, I could be happy here!  With mountain views and a pine tree in the yard, this little home wooed its magic, and I fell in love at first glimpse!





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