Do you have a famous relative in your family tree?  Or do you have a famous family legend?  Well share your story here.



KTC – Princes, Paupers, Pilgrims, & Pioneers: Our Predecessors &Me

Famous Faces and Places

Tales of a Family ~ Amelia Earhart: Flying Solo



5 thoughts on “Famous

    1. I do. I wanted to add a new one this week, but I’ve been sick. Plus, I am behind at work too, and this is such a busy month at school. I am so far behind on my blogging,, so I think I will reblog an old one.

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      1. Plus don’t feel the need to add another task to your busy life, Ann Marie. Just worry about getting better…I will peruse your old posts to find some of your famous family posts. May your weekend be a little more relaxing than the past month has been.

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