A Call to Fame

Fame was the calling card for this week’s writing challenge, and I had two fellow bloggers participate in this adventure. Honestly, it was fun writing and reading about those relatives that grabbed headlines and made history.

My first writer to submit her family tales was KTC from Princes, Paupers, Pilgrims & Pioneers: Our Predecessors & Me. Check out her section “Famous Faces and Places.” One intriguing story that caught my eye was Robert III of Scotland. Her interesting articles about her family have always grabbed my attention while bringing historical events front and center; this gal has made history come alive!

Another contributor to this week’s writing encounter was Gary A. Wilson’s Stories in a Dime of Time. For his unusual take, in regards, to the claim of fame, Gary wrote about a childhood incident and how his mother cleverly used a business card to make sure her family’s needs were not neglected after her son was the victim of a car accident. Her ingenuity and determination created the perfect showdown for Gary as he spun this classic family tale, “The Insurance Company Adventure.” From start to finish, his entertaining antics kept me on the edge of my seat. What an amusing anecdote!


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