August Themes

As the hot days of summer begin to fade, don’t forget to share your tales.  Now is the perfect time to to take an extra moment and write those stories.  Find a shady spot, grab a cool drink, and snuggle up in a favorite chair.  Remember to share your tales, so others may enjoy them too.




Week 32 – (Aug 5-11) – Take a Dare

  • Did you ever take a dare?  What happened?  Your your tale or one about a family member.

Week 33 – (Aug 12-18) – A Summer Memory

  • Write about a favorite summer memory.  Provide the setting, the time, and describe it in detail.
  • Share a parents or grandparent’s favorite memory.

Week 34 – (Aug 19-25) – Follow Your Dreams

  • Do you have a secret dream that you wish you could follow.  Share that story here
  • Did you follow your dream?  Was it what you expected?
  • Write about a dream that an ancestor pursued.

Week 35 – (Aug 26-Sep 1) – Pets are Family

  • Write about a family pet or ask an older family member about their favorite  childhood pet.
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4 thoughts on “August Themes

  1. Greetings Ann Marie. I just finished up a new story on how I started my adult life with a dream job in San Jose, Calif. right in the heart of Silicone Valley. I was so young and such a restless mind that I frequently accidentally fell into mischief – pretty much consistent with my younger years and adventures. Please consider “First Professional Job” for your offering this week.

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