The Adobe Fire blazes,
yet another pyre to a growing list,
as Colorado scorches, blisters
to unyielding infernos
that charges and devours
as pristine lands kindle.
A hot wind roars,
fuel to the flames,
sending ash and smoke
that block the sun
and the mountains.
The stench of soot attacks
burning lungs, eyes water
Our hearts cry for rain
and pray for relief from
A drought so severe
even the Rockies thirst
for redemption.

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

13 thoughts on “Pyres

  1. Someone set a fire 5 blocks from my home. It filled the apt. in no time and was scary to say the least. Nothing on this scale but it could have wiped out the town, luckily, the winds kicked in and the fire went the opposite direction. But yeah, I feel for you!

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    1. Over 20 years ago, I helped with a wild land fire, quite on accident. Scary to say the least. Winds, dry grass, and a cigarette created a fire within minutes. Thankfully the firefighters arrived quickly to the area and were able to put it out.


      1. wow….scary stuff…I do not know how they can live with the quilt and horror. One fire south of here and burned over 80,000 acre, and over 100 homes have been lost. They caught the creep taht started this one.


      2. Thank god for small mercies, but it doesn’t help those that lost everything. Martha has a fire near her and doesn’t have internet as a result. She went to a park in order to get on line. Good grief!

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      3. That’s not fun! We had that issue before we moved here, horrific tbh. At least now I can connect whenever which is such a relief. I don’t do TV . What I watch is available online so this is where I am 🙂

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