Summer Traditions

During the lazy days of summer, what were your favorite summer traditions?  Did you head for the beach or take a family vacation?  Did you laze by the pool?  Maybe you would head to your favorite fishing spot or camp in the great outdoors.  Whatever your summer quest may have been, do not forget to share your stories.  Just upload in the comments section.  Happy writing!







16 thoughts on “Summer Traditions

      1. Well, our favorite place is Ocracoke Island, NC. It’s an isolated, and not so easy place to get to, island in the Outer Banks. My wife and I each went there often as kids ourselves, and we go every summer for a couple of weeks. It’s fantastic. It’s where I taught my boys to surf, we take our boat and fish the Sound, we climb lighthouses, we take our kayaks and paddle the salt marshes, we rent golf carts to tool around in, we go crabbing at night, four-wheel on the beach, we’ve taken part in sea turtle care. It’s a fantastic place, with a unique aura. I hope it’s a tradition they’ll continue with their families for years to come. 😊

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      2. Well, I hope you’re right. As a parent though, we’re always a bit unsure of how we’re doing. I hope they realize someday how hard we tried to give them fantastic childhoods. 😊

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      3. They do. My daughter does a lot of amazing things for her babies too. One day I told her that her babies will have amazing memories of their childhood. She told me that her dad and I gave her such a fun childhood that she wanted to do the same for her kids. And as far as worrying about doing what’s right, that never goes away. I used to tell her that I would be the reason she would need therapy at 30! 😉

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  1. Cookouts, swimming, cousins, friends, sparklers, flashlight tag, lightning bugs, fireworks-
    Many special memories throughout the years. Now building new memories with my kids, as well.

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  2. As a single mother, I couldn’t take time off to go anywhere. I often worked 21 hour days and when by the time I found a day job and cut back my hours (which my kids insisted upon) we didn’t have the money to go do anything. Without a vehicle it was local stuff, the park, or out with their friends. It’s one thing I didn’t get to do with my kids. We spent quality time together, but it was usually playing games together. A sad commentary on motherhood but truth for all that.

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    1. But sweet took time to make those memories. Growing up, we didn’t have much in the way of finances, but my mom made our childhood memorable.

      My daughter’s dad and I didn’t have much money either. We took day trips. Our favorite “vacations” were camping on long weekends, close to home. We were blessed to live in area with so many open areas to be outdoors and enjoy nature.

      After we separated, he found a better paying job, and we took our first real family vacations. We tried to let her know that we were still a family, despite our differences and our fussing..and sometimes we took long breaks too. But I am happy to report we are still family and we even spend some holidays together with his sons in tow.

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