Writer’s Choice

This week, it is all about you!  What have you wanted to share?  Tell a story about you or a loved one.  Make a timeline about an interesting ancestor.  Create a poem or even write a short story.  But, remember to share your creation; just upload in the comments section

The Writers and their Blogs

Gary A. Wilson –  A Dime of Time

KTC – Princes, Paupers, Pilgrims & Pioneers: Our Predecessors & Me

Tales of a Family – Finding my Way Home



8 thoughts on “Writer’s Choice

  1. So I am “a day late and a dollar short”… okay, okay, you got me… I am more than a week late and beaucoup de bucks behind. Seriously, where does the time go? I started working on my piece for this challenge right after you posted this announcement, but life seems to have gotten in the way. Darn it!

    Oh well, hopefully, you will accept my late submission and not “lower my grade” because of my tardiness… 😉 (Forgive my teaching teasing… just couldn’t resist!) I hope you enjoy my latest post, Ann Marie: https://kindredconnection.wordpress.com/2018/08/08/ciao-italia/

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