When Fools Rush in

I prayed no one would witness my breaking and entering.

On the first day my sixth graders were to start school, I raced through my morning routine, eager to have some time to grab a cup of coffee and continue working on my room. On the way out the door, I grabbed my cane since I was still nursing my latest round of aches and pains after lifting heavy boxes and overdoing household chores. Placing my computer bag and lunch tote into the car, I realized I had forgotten my afternoon energy drink, and I hobbled back into the house. Since I was in a rush, I grabbed my bottle and my cane, locked the door, and limped as quickly as I could to my car.

As I made my way to my ruby HHR, that’s when it dawned on me. In my haste, I had locked my keys in the house! Moaning, I knew I needed to slow down and stop rushing all the time. This wasn’t the first time I had locked myself out of the house or misplaced my keys because I was always in a hurry.

Well, I didn’t have time to chastise myself for my bad habits; I needed to get to school. Tick-tock, tick-tock! Time was flying, and I still needed to grab my morning coffee before I arrived at school.

The night before I had opened one of the bedroom windows, and left it cracked, so the night air would cool the house. Since it was going to be another scorcher, I left the window open. Without wasting any more time, I quickly opened the garage door, picked up the ladder, carried it in one hand, and clomped around the side of the house with my trusty cane.  A family of sparrows perched on the upper branches of a pine tree and scolded me for rustling the branches with my ladder.

Making my way to the window, I glanced around the empty neighborhood.  All I could think about were my neighbors, and I prayed no one would witness my breaking and entering.  After pushing the window open, I set the ladder in place. Since I knew I would need my cane once I broke into my house, I tossed it inside the window. Carefully, I scaled the ladder and awkwardly slipped one leg over the windowsill, so I was straddling it, one leg in and one leg out. Slowly, I scooted to the right while leaning towards the wall, so I would have something steady to lean on while trying to regain my balance. Then, I gradually wiggled my remaining leg through the window, and somehow managed this feat without causing any more damage to my already abused and battered body.

Sighing with relief, I closed the window, gingerly stooped and picked up my cane. Making a mental note, I knew it was time I should make an additional key and hide it somewhere in my yard. Walking toward the kitchen to retrieve my keys, I wondered where I had placed my spare. Suddenly, I stopped and groaned. In my hurry to make my way into the house, I had forgotten that I had put my spare in my book bag that was sitting in the front seat of my unlocked car! Laughing, I realized that once again, my constant rushing had created yet another fiasco! Hmm, wonder if I will ever learn this simple lesson and finally stop scrambling through this crazy life?

6 thoughts on “When Fools Rush in

  1. You had me roaring. I did that once. We lived on the 4th floor of an apt. building at the time. Both my ex and I left our keys inside. The rest of us stood on the ground and watched him scale the building going from balcony to balcony. It wasn’t as funny as when you see someone on tv doing it. Then it was. OMG I liked your story better since I could imagine myself in the same condition. lol

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