September Themes

As fall approaches, the colors of autumn will remind us all of sweet days that have passed.  This time of year always brings backs such wondrous memories.  Take time to sit back and enjoy Mother Nature’s glorious show, and while your at it, pen a favorite tale or two.
Week 35 – (Sept 2-8) – Fall Stories
  • What is your favorite fall memory?  Did your ancestors have to harvest?  What is your fall story?
Week 36 – (Sept 9-15) – School Daze
  • This prompt has so many possibilities.  Write a tale from childhood memories or share a story about an ancestor.
Week 37 – (Sept 16-22) – Childhood Mischief
  • Oh the tales we could tell….
  • Did you or an ancestor create chaos in the classroom?  Have fun with this story!
Week 38 – (Sept 23-29) – Funny Family Tales
  • What funny escapes took place in your family home?
  • Or did a member from the family tree have a comical tale?

4 thoughts on “September Themes

  1. Hello Ann Marie. In the vein of how you enjoy a fun adult review from time to time, i tried to put together one for September’s week of Childhood Mischief, but it turned into 2 stories, but, because you enjoy such things and I’m in no hurry, I thought I’d drop you the link for both for your comments and (hopefully) enjoyment.

    Please apply your virtual red pen and sense of humor as needed to:
    – – and

    I hope you get a good laugh from both and are interested in at least the first for September.
    The second one, I’m not sure has a home outside of my collection yet.
    This second one really leaves me wondering exactly what was I thinking, but it’s funny now.

    Hope this finds you even better and loving life.

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