What Could go Wrong?

It didn’t take long for them to put two and two together. They quickly discovered the swimming suits signaled that there were two females in the creek without of a stitch of clothing!  Laughing, they started cat calling…


When I was younger, Half Moon Bay was one of the best places to visit. The beaches were fantastic, and there were so many places to hike. Many local farms surrounded the area; it was just a great place to escape and enjoy the surrounding beauty. And it was only about 40 miles from home, so it wasn’t a long drive, and when you are a kid, that’s always a plus!


One year when I was fourteen, my friend, Helen, and her family invited me to go camping with their Girl Scout Troop, and I happily accepted their invitation. We spent five beautiful days on the beach. We went swimming in the bay, but I must admit we kept our eyes peeled for Jaws! We built sand castles and found hermit crabs. We cooked on open fires during the day and roasted marshmallows for s’mores at night. And we sat for hours enjoying the incredible sunrises and sunsets. It was the perfect get-a-way.

Everything was smooth sailing until the second evening. Helen and I decided we needed to find a way to freshen up. Now, we were not girly-girls by any means, and we could rough it with the best of them. But, sand has a way of finding uncomfortable places to settle, and long bouts of salt water tends to dry the skin too. Although a nearby creek fed into the bay, rinsing off in our swimsuits didn’t quite fulfill all of our needs. That’s when Helen suggested we should go skinny dipping. I instantly balked. After all, good girls didn’t strip outdoors, even if they were in the middle of nowhere! Then she gave me a wicked smile and challenged me with a dare! The stubborn side of me has always gotten me into trouble because more than once I just had to take the dare. Although I was still apprehensive, she soothed my fears. After all, she was right; at night we had the beach to ourselves, and the creek had plenty of cover to hide from prying eyes. What could go wrong?


It was settled. After asking for permission, we waited until evening to begin our evening bath. Once we took cover behind the bushes along the creek, we laughed nervously as we undressed. Helen scrambled into the cold stream, and I followed. It felt terrific to lounge in the salt-free water. At first, we were nervous, but soon we were laughing and talking. The darkness helped calm our edginess, and we played in the water. Once the temperatures began to drop, we dog paddles to the edge of the creek to grab the shampoo.

As we started to shampoo, we began to hear voices. Of all the nights, some of the local farm workers had decided to head to the beach, and they discovered our location. Flashlights caught our towels and dry clothes. Unfortunately, their lights also reflected on the swimming suits. It didn’t take long for them to put two and two together. They quickly discovered the swimming suits signaled that there were two females in the creek without of a stitch of clothing!  Laughing, they started cat calling and walking toward our location.

In sheer desperation and fear, Helen began screaming for her father, and in the distance, we could see him and the family’s two German Shepherds racing towards us! The dogs reached us first. Once they understood that we had uninvited guests, the large dogs loudly barked and growled and chased the men from their hiding places. Swearing and screaming the men raced away from the creek bed. The beams from their flashlights flickered in the darkness as they tried to make their escape. As the men quickly retreated, their voices dimmed, and the large dogs returned and stayed by our side, summoned by their owner.  Helen’s father chuckled, told the dogs to sit and stay, and slowly made his way back to camp.

For a few minutes, we sat in total silence until we finally started laughing. “Did you see the men run?” I questioned through my laughter.

“They were falling and trying to get away!’ Helen giggled.

“Do you think you will ever skinny dip, again?” I tested.

“What do you think!” She loudly retorted.

And the two of us nervously laughed as we thought about our misadventure. When we sheepishly returned to camp, the others teased us about our misfortune. Helen’s father called us Lady Godiva I and II for the remainder of our trip. But just for the record, for the rest of the trip, we kept our suits on, even we wanted to bathe!


Featured Image by George Despires on Pexels.com

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