Home for me has several implications. It is doused in memories of the people and places that offer sweet memories of the past, joy in the moment, and all the promises for the future.  Life was not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination.  It was sometimes uneasy, and painful and raw; still, love found its way into my life and tangled my heart with many that I hold so dear.  Deep within, I know I have been blessed with the love and companionship of family and friends.  I have cherished them all.

In an old Victorian home

with stained glass windows

and childhood dreams,

I treasured family.

In a quaint little cottage,

with Johnny Jump ups and pansies,

I witnessed absolute love.

In a Nazarene church

on a little island home,

I uncovered a second family.

With a Goun Girl by my side

and adventures in our hearts,

I claimed a sister.

In a sweet yellow home

on a garden road,

I observed tenderness.

In a little mountain town

in a home full of love,

I unearthed joy.

With one compassionate man

that stayed by my side, I

unearthed a best friend that

remains in my heart and in my family.

Under Colorado blue skies,

on a dusty mesa

I found home.

On a desert prairie,

with backyard splendors

I received unexpected contentment.

In this life, the people,

the places hold dear memories

of love and laughter

I hold a lifetime of joy

that will never be erased

as I look into the faces

of those I hold in my heart.










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