Holiday Humor and One Funny Fellow

First of all, my life has been so crazy busy with last-minute work projects, grading papers, and just life in general. Still, I miss reading my favorite blogs, and life does not feel right when I don’t write, at least once a week. So I am hiding in a corner, away from the hustle and bustle, so I can take a few minutes to write about a funny, almost accident in my sixth-grade class yesterday.

My day started out on a good note, even woke up early.  After my morning routine and spending some time to cuddle with my furbabies, I left for work half an hour earlier than normal. Thankfully, I would have extra time to catch up on all the five-paragraph essays and the group project powerpoint presentations about the similarities and differences between Red Pandas and Giant Pandas.

Yes, I have known for a while now, I lead an “exciting” life. More often than not, I have felt like that cliche spinster teacher that lives by herself in a house filled with stray cats, except in my case I have mini doxies. Even my own daughter calls me the crazy doxie lady. Sigh.

Anyway, after grading for an hour and a half, nice to have a first-period plan, I made a huge dent to the stack of endless essays. By the time the bell rang for the second hour, I felt quite adept since the pile of papers began to disappear.

Once my second-hour kids arrived, I greeted them at the door. After taking attendance, we began our morning assignment on vocabulary and context clues. While the students worked, I moved around the room to see if anyone needed any clarification on the assignment. My room is one of the smaller rooms in the building, but I do not want to relocate. It’s cozy. Since it is a tight squeeze, I had to maneuver around the myriad of backpacks that lined each aisle. While walking down one row, I tripped on a backpack and fell forward and grabbed the desk closet to me. The little guy that sits there looks up and smiles. He is usually quiet and shy, but after his comment, I believed he was coming out of his shell.

I looked at his little face as I steadied myself and begin to stand upright once again. “I almost landed in your lap,” I told the kid.

Without skipping a beat my once timid student looked up and asked, “So, what do you want for Christmas this year?”

The class and I roared with laughter! Our “Santa” blushed with pleasure and smiled since we all enjoyed his humor.

This job may not be the best paying job, and the hours may be crazy long, and my summers “off” may be filled with curriculum revisions and professional development workshops and college classes; still, I enjoy spending time with kids. So what if I have become that old woman teacher that lives alone with mini doxies; my job has given me endless satisfaction and immense joy as I watch my little ones grow, and no one can put a price on that.

12 thoughts on “Holiday Humor and One Funny Fellow

    1. Well there is a slight used to actively seek dangerous adventures…I am and have always been a bit of a klutz. When I was young, my mom would tell me, “it’s okay, baby; you will outgrow it.” When I became an adult, she told me, “I think I may have lied to you.” lol


      1. Beware. Vivid sarcasm follows.

        Ah – I know how to fix your situation. Your problem is a packed ear channel which is messing with your sense of balance.

        Cut a Q-Tip in half and frizzle the cotton end.

        Place it into a Dremel (you know, that cool electric spinning tool that sounds and works much line a dentist drill).

        Place the frizzled Q-Tip into the ear and turn on the Dremel – you will hear a very loud, dentist-drill-like sound – but only for a few seconds.

        When the sounds stops, turn off the Dremel and extract whatever is left of the Q-Tip.

        Your ear channel will be completely wax-free and a healthy sense of balance will be restored.

        I’d offer to do it for you, but certain authorities have given me clear instructions to stop “treating” my friends aliments. I call “Nanny State”, but can’t afford to fight city hall.

        Do not keep the Dremel running for more than 2 minutes as the vibration has been known to shake teeth loose. You may also experience several months of total deafness – which can be very soothing when all your students are wound up.

        Imagery is everything :: 8-D
        How did this one work?

        Oh – and a good decongestant helps.

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