Magical Moments

I thought of all the areas he touched. He was my world, my heaven. He was the moon and the stars. My best friend, my lover, my all in all. He was my North Star that filled the night with a shining glimpse of light, a compass that guided me back home to his arms.

10 thoughts on “Magical Moments

  1. Hi Ann Marie. Okay, I did not want to miss this theme, but my best stories of these type of moments, remain unprintable at this time, but there is one that remains one of my favorite romantic (sorta) memories that is something of a contrast and celebration of a wonderful gal who passed through my life long ago. You actually read an earlier version of it, but I’ve wanted to beef up part of the memory, and you’ll recognize it right off I bet. Would you consider revisiting my new and improved Second Bully Adventure? I think you’ll like the improvements I’ve made.

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  2. Hello Ann Marie. I don’t think my latest story fits any of your current themes, but this one has been clawing to get out and as I pressed publish, I thought of you and how many parts of this incident would appeal to you. I can almost see you laughing from one corner of that playground. I do hope that you would at least come over to console me once you stopped laughing but I’ll leave that for you to call. It’s shorter than most of my stories and I hope you enjoy my “Suffer Not the Children”

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    1. Can’t stop laughing!!! I doubt I will ever be able to console, my friend. this tale is hilarious. And I am going to use it for March for the storyteller. What a crazy, wonderful life you and your wife have led! Blessings!


      1. So now the next time you see a very friendly young lady in a frilly poofy dress, you can think of a younger me and then ping me and warn me to stay clear. I suspect even my normal dose of grace is deep enough for only one of these predicaments.
        If you come across a friend who feels oh-so unlucky, share this with them for a bit of perspective.

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