Connections, Ideas, Questions, and Help!

The earliest maps were ‘story’ maps. Cartographers were artists who mingled knowledge with supposition, memory and fears. Their maps described both landscape and the events, which had taken place within it, enabling travellers to plot a route as well as to experience a story.

Rory MacLean

5 thoughts on “Connections, Ideas, Questions, and Help!

  1. The most fun in making a map comes by doing them freehand, mostly in erasable pencil, so there is no software between what you see in your mind and what you want on the map and where. Photos of the map can easily live on your laptop for back up and sharing. Just my opinion as a long time map collector – a hobby I finally had to give up. Sigh.

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      1. I didn’t make them often. I was more of a collector. When my parents stopped anywhere to gas up, I’d jump out to check the free road map rack. I wanted any map I didn’t already gave. This made any gas station or unprotected issue of National Geographic or book stores with atlases my hunting ground so my collection became overwhelming. I was a strange child.

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