The Ties that Divide

Like many grand narratives, some of the best were often rooted in legends and a bit of mystery. This tale was no exception. As details emerged, so did the many questions that raced through my mind as I hit one brick wall and then another.

8 thoughts on “The Ties that Divide

  1. As always, great research, Ann Marie. I really enjoyed reading Lawrence Marr, Jr.’s story. FYI: I just wrote a story about my 7th great-grandmother during the American Revolution and the clashes between the Loyalists and the Patriots in New Jersey:

    Also thanks for cluing me on this week’s 52 Ancestors prompt. For some reason, I have not received the theme emails, so I rely on other participating bloggers to keep me current. Believe it or not, I just posted a piece that would fit right into the “At the Courthouse” theme, two days early but better sooner rather than later, I guess: It’s about my 2nd great-grandmother who stood tall when others would break her down. 🙂

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  2. you have such a rich heritage Ann Marie. I know very little of my family history beyond my grandparents and am almost afraid of of what I would find if I dug some. We’re such a group of mutts on one side and some questionable ranchers on the other. The family I grew up around were great – very very family oriented, but should one part the curtains to look beyond if one is not ready for what might lie in wait just a few step in. . . ?

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  3. Hi Cousin, I just discovered this story and have been absorbing as much of it as I can. You are an amazing writer.
    Lawrence Marr and his father are my 5th and 6th great grandfathers. I’m working on a historical novel of the Eveland family (my 3rd GGrandfather, John Edward Eveland, married Susanna Marr) and am hoping to devote a good portion of it to the Revolutionary War.

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