Suffer the Little Children

Carmen leapt from the gym, like some kind of spider-woman in a puffy prom dress and landed partially wrapped around my neck, shoulders and one arm pit.

Gary A. Wilson is one of my favorite storytellers. His adventures and antics are always a great read, and today’s story is no exception. Check out his blog at Gary A. Wilson’s Stories A Dime of Time.

And today, laugh at his misadventures, Suffer the Little Children.

Photo by Jørgen Håland on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Suffer the Little Children

  1. Hi Ann Marie and thanks for sharing this adventure. On the scale of “Embarrassment” this event scored a clear rating of MASSIVE, and chills me to this day, some 30 years later. I hope your readers enjoy the laugh.

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  2. Hi Kevin – Up to that moment – I loved that kids liked to herd around me for the same reason. It made ministry an exhausting joy to work with. But wow! Spending any time beneath a young girls’ dress like this was a shock that I may never forget. It does make for a vivid story though, that few can top. We did survive to become great friends with her parents and they were kind enough to rarely mention how we first met. . .

    Brrr – just thinking of it makes me want to go hide from everyone for a while. Thanks for giving my story a read.

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