Tales of a Family 2020

As another year begins, I look forward to uncovering more family mysteries as I continue to delve into the family tree. Since I began this journey just about a decade ago, I have often been amazed at the stories I have discovered, so here’s to a new year, incredible discoveries, and remarkable tales!

11 thoughts on “Tales of a Family 2020

  1. Hello Ann Marie.
    I’ve had a distracted start to 2020 so I apologize if this is redundant.

    First, I was not sure I wanted to share this tale because it is so different from my normal work, but then I received some striking feedback, very positive, but with some hints to what was bothering me most about the story which in turn gave me the clarity to fix it. It is still a very different tale for me but at least now I like it.
    I’m also now ready to share it with you for your reaction.


    Hope this finds you fully recovered and ready to take on the year.

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    1. I couldn’t comment on your page; no comment button. But your story is powerful. You know your stuff, and unfortunately, this scenario happens all too often. When I worked for a crisis pregnancy center. I was asked too become an advocate for women that had been raped. One day, the ER called me before I even went through training. When I told them that, they explained they had a 12 year old girl at the ER and she was alone, so I went. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to watch. When I got there, she was clinging to a doll, and she was crying for her mama. When the mother arrived, she pleaded with e to stay and wanted me to go to the police station with them. It was horrible. The cop called me in first, and basically asked if she asked for it, and I went off on him. They could hear me in the waiting room. When I realized that others including the police still blamed the victim, even if she were only a child, I decided that I could not be apart of of the program. It was such an overwhelming and emotional experience, and I knew that I did not have the strength or the courage to deal with people that had no heart for the wounded.


      1. Well nuts. I did forget to click the comments box on this story. Thanks for letting me know.

        Wow – Ann Marie. Your experience is beyond anything I’ve been through. I pulled some anecdotal information from people I know and did some reading to create this story, but if I knew what you’d already been through I might have decided not to remind you of such pain.

        On the other hand, if my daughter had been alone after such a crisis, I would be thankful for someone with your heart just being with her and being her advocate. For something like this, there is o “fixing” things. There is only the system and someone’s willingness to keep a clear head and comfort the victim as is possible. I’ll bet you more than delivered such comfort, but your heart not withstanding, there never was going to be a solution.

        I’m glad you were there to help her even if it must have hurt to be in that position.

        Thanks for giving my story a read and your, always kind feedback.


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