The Poppies are Back

It is a terrible thing to be very young and be facing a family disaster that you barely understand and have no ability to prevent. But this is where I found myself when I was six years old and my four year old sister was dying of a double bacterial infection that the doctors were unable to defeat.

One thought on “The Poppies are Back

  1. Your words have been haunting me Ann Marie, about not having written much lately. Yesterday and today, I tried to make up for some of the gap by adding a new story to my collection. As I put the final touches on it, I wondered if it would appeal to you and hoped it would as your good favor is valuable to me. This time, it’s a life-lesson piece that meant a lot to me. When you can carve out some time, please give it a read and let me know what you think.
    Here’s the link:


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