Coffee with Hagrid

For the last several years, our school enjoyed the fellowship of a great man. He came into our lives when his children began attending our school. In time this Army Veteran started to coach, and it was not long before admin took notice and hired him to work in the autism center at our school.

This big ole bear of a man and his wife had two children and decided to adopt four more. About a year ago, his wife moved to another state for a dream job, and the decision was made that he would follow once the school year ended. Staff and students were devastated by the news. We knew our school would not be the same without him and his family.

This school year, I had the opportunity to work with him. Every day he would arrive in my second-hour class, and he would help teach the kiddos. It was one of the highlights of my day. He had a wicked sense of humor, and he loved to tease. The kids would laugh at our back and forth digs since we would start picking on each other as soon as he entered the door. After one of our teasing sessions, he told our students that I was dating Hagrid from Harry Potter. I replied, who wouldn’t want to date Hagrid and batted my eyes.

Today on facebook, I sent my friend the following picture on messenger. I hope he choked on his coffee.

Miss ya, Coach Cyrus!

4 thoughts on “Coffee with Hagrid

  1. OMG Ann Marie.
    What have you done. . .?
    I hope he had not just taken a big sip of that coffee as he scrolled down to this.

    “Well, lets see just what did you found Ms. Bryant? Ah, this looks clev–PSSTCH!!!
    “Awww, what a blessed mess.”

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