Grandma’s Cottage

My Sweet Grandmother ~ Elva Marie

My grandmother, Elva Bryant Allen, was my hero and my strength; I have often felt she was the only one who truly loved me unconditionally.  Her home and her love were always my safe haven.  Many years after she left this world, I decided to take her name.  After my divorce in 2002, I asked the judge if I could take her maiden name.  And today, I still proudly share this bond with my dear grandma.  Years ago I wrote this poem, and I decided to share it in this blog, for this week’s challenge was about love.  Continue reading “Grandma’s Cottage”

Life Was Simple

The other day, after digging through some old papers, I came across some assignments from a poetry class that I took in college. Today, I found a poem in which I had to take a conversation and turn it into a poem. This assignment did bring tears to my eyes because I used my mom as my subject. Until today, I had forgotten about that conversation about her life on the ranch with her family. 

Continue reading “Life Was Simple”

Emily Dickinson and Writing Poetry


With all my misadventures this summer, I sadly discovered that I am behind on my blogging.  Today, while I looked through some old papers, I found an essay that I had written in college about Emily Dickinson’s poem, “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain.”  The paper was written over twenty years ago, and I would not bore you with the dissection of the poem.  However, part of the assignment was to write a poem in a similar style to Dickinson’s work, and that I would love to share today.  Continue reading “Emily Dickinson and Writing Poetry”