Mathew, Cameron, Sierra, Kylie, Connor, and Jessi

With their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders, the duo smiled. Every picture, every moment, the two formed an undividable pact. Once their parents married and their families merged, Cameron and Sierra stuck close to one another like two peas in a pod. The two were more than step-siblings; they were best buds, and more than once, as kids, the pair told others that they were twins.

From grade school to high school, these two laughed together, made plans together, and were generally a mischievous whirlwind of fun and laughter. This gramma enjoyed watching this duo as they formed such a wondrous bond.

Over the years, their childhood adventures grew to thoughts of when they would leave the nest. At one time, they even contemplated taking a year off after graduation, so they could explore the world together. Those thoughts and plans always seemed so far away into the future, and I never realized how quickly those moments would surge forward and finally come to pass.

Sierra and Cameron

This year my babies graduate high school. My daughter, Leslie, loses two more students as her homeschool numbers now drop to four. Sierra and Cam finished their high school years with friendships formed through a combination of homeschool and high school activities. They played sports, joined clubs, took classes, and made memories that will last a lifetime.

In the fall, Cameron will head to WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming, and follow his goal of becoming a diesel mechanic. My oldest granddaughter will head to Fort Collins, attend Colorado State University, and strive for her dream of becoming a surgeon. My heart swells with pride as I watch my grandkids take their first steps into new adventures filled with promise and hope.

Congratulations to my Class of 2020 graduates!

6 thoughts on “Twinkies

  1. How wonderful is this! |My oldest grand daughter graduated last year, the second oldest just graduated. Due to covid, there are no ceremonies for which she’s truly heartbroken. I told her so far, the best thing that’s happened in 2020 is her graduating. And that I had the privilege of being here to see it. Congratulations, |I know your thrilled and proud.

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    1. The county I live in had graduations this week. Everyone was spaced six feet apart. My daughter lives in a small town and the entire county had only 15 confirmed cases. They will celebrate at the end of the month.


      1. I live on Vancouver Island. We are covid free but they are still using protocols. There are a couple hundred graduating, probably more like 500 so they can’t remain six feet apart. She’d bought her grad dress and had it altered to fit and she’s the one that grad meant more to than anything, she’s worked hard for it and has exceptional grades. It’s truly sad this has happened.

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      2. It is sad. I know my gradkids looked forward to so many of the senior activities. They would not have been able to walk with their senior class though since they were homeschooled. I think it’s sad that the school will not let them walk since they took some classes, including AP clases. They played sports, etc.


  2. THIS
    WONDERFUL . . .
    Congrats to them, their parents and yes, they needed an amazing Grandma to make this possible.
    Be proud of them and thankful God honored your love and care is such a tangible way. Who could resist such an account of twins pulling off such a history.

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