Fright Night

“If The Exorcist doesn’t knock you out of your seat, it’s only because you are too stunned to move.”

Stanley Eichelbaum ~ The San Francisco Examiner ~ 26 Dec 1973

“Everybody in the movie experienced some kind of horror.  On the day Max von Sydow arrived for his first scene, his brother died, and the film was again delayed while Von Sydow returned to Sweden for the funeral.  The little girl’s grandfather died the first week of the picture.  One of the carpenters cut his thumb off.  Irish actor Jack MacGowan who is murdered by the demon possessing the child, dropped dead one week after his death scene.”

Billy Friedkin ~ The Los Angeles Times ~ 18 Nov 1973

7 thoughts on “Fright Night

  1. A great story. I also saw the movie and I thought it was too funny in the way it was told. I found it to be just too unreal. However for me the scariest movie is the birds. It still leaves me on the edge of my seat.

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  2. What a great retelling Ann Marie. I had a bet with myself about half way through as I read that you actually went to see it – that “The Ann Marie I know will have to fess up”, smiled to read that you didn’t even last long afterwards. God and your parents gave you a good heart.

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