Writer’s Choice

What favorite memories spark your imagination as you think about the holidays?  Upload your stories and share your holiday tales.
Gary A. Wilson – The Speleological Spiderman

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Choice

    1. Oh Gary…I love your story! Next’s week them is about ornaments, can I use it then? Also I could not write comments on your page…it was missing. I love your wife’s response to the copper pipe…what a wonderful addition to the tree. She’s a keeper and pretty amazing!


      1. Hi Ann Marie. Thanks so much for your response and yes, my wife is very much a keeper. In a few days, it will be 39 years that we’ve done life together, far from perfect both of us, but so much better when we’re together.

        Certainly – you can use my story however you see fit. I’ve learned not to challenge your wisdom. I just hope your readers enjoy the memory as much as I enjoy retelling it.

        And thanks for calling out that missing comment option. I thought I clicked it, but that was a busy morning when I wrote this essay and I must not have hit save hard enough. . .

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