The Year My Mom Cancelled Christmas

Sadly, my sisters were blind to her presence. They were too busy going for blood. Both my mom and I were just about to jump in and stop the brawl when—CRASH!—my sisters “took down” the Christmas tree.

Ornaments were catapulted through the air, exploding on impact. POP! POP! POP! My sisters were sprawled in the artificial tree, its “trunk” snapped by their combined weight.

To read more about this Christmas tussle by KTC, click on the link, The Year My Mom Cancelled Christmas.  You will not be disappointed.

9 thoughts on “The Year My Mom Cancelled Christmas

  1. Thanks for liking this post and for sharing it with your followers. That Santa picture you have attached to this story—CLASSIC! I am sure that Santa’s face looked exactly like that when he magically saw all that Christmas long, long ago. 🙂


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